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Guide to Biodegradable Labels From

What are Biodegradable Labels? Biodegradable labels are labels that will be broken down by naturally. Technically speaking, everything is broken down by nature eventually, even plastic. Therefore, the real question are: how long it takes, what conditions it breaks down under, and what it breaks down into during the process. Materials are deemed biodegradable when […]

Why Choose Bagasse Biodegradable Labels For Your Products? specialise in the supply of  Biodegradable Labels on A4 sheets that are made from Bagasse Cane Fibre. In this article, we are going to look at why bagasse labels and stickers are an excellent choice for your products, packaging and brand: Bagasse Biodegradable Labels Are Eco-friendly Unlike paper, Bagasse doesn’t involve chopping down trees. […]

Cane Fibre Bagasse Field

What is Bagasse Cane Fibre?

Bagasse, also known as sugarcane pulp, is a fibrous material left behind in the sugarcane harvesting process. It is the fibrous matter that is left over after the production of sugarcane, sorghum or agave.  Historically, bagasse was treated as unusable and thrown away, burned or left in open piles to rot. It was not seen […]

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